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Peacock Stirrups - Dr.Tail

Peacock Stirrups

Designed so the footpad will flex downward so your ride is comfortable.   There is a rubber band on the outer side of the stirrup designed to give way and allow your foot...
Flexi Stirrups - Dr.Tail

Flexi Stirrups

 Features flexible side arms to help with the riding position and giving leg aids to the horse. Size=12cm High-Quality Stainless Steel with Black Rubber Pads
Jinn Stirrups - Dr.Tail

Jinn Stirrups

Extremely Light Weight, Providing Knee Joint Relief, And The Wide Footpad Distributes The Rider's Weight Over a Greater Surface Area, Increasing Circulation To The Toes. Size=12cm Available in many different...
Fillies Stirrup - Dr.Tail

Fillies Stirrup

$26.99 – $38.99
 Fillis Stirrups are made with a lost wax method of casting that gives them a smooth finish. High-quality stainless steel with black rubber pads. Also comes in lightweight-polished plastic.  Size=12cm...