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Stomach Pump - Dr.Tail

Stomach Pump

Introducing our Heavy-Duty Stomach Pump, constructed from chrome-plated brass with monel ball valves for durability. Capable of pumping on both up-stroke and down-stroke motions. Its tapered hose connection accommodates all...
Cattle Trocar - Dr.Tail

Cattle Trocar

$40.00 – $55.00
Introducing our Cattle Trocar, essential for relieving bloating in veterinary procedures. Features a stainless point and a metal handle measuring 9.5” in length. The included cannula, measuring 5-1/2” in length...
Bloat Trocar - Dr.Tail

Bloat Trocar

Introducing our Bloat Trocar for veterinary gas relief, with a sharp point and round irrigating cannula. Includes stainless steel cannula and cap. Available in 6" and 5" lengths for versatile...