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Hoof Rasp - Dr.Tail

Hoof Rasp

Introducing our 4-Way Hoof Rasp, the ultimate tool for smoothing all areas of the animal’s hooves. Featuring different filing grades—Fine and Medium—this rasp ensures precise finishing. Available in both carbon...
Flat Rasp - Dr.Tail

Flat Rasp

Introducing our Flat Rasp, featuring a rasp cut on one side and a double-cut file on the other for versatile farrier tasks. Available in carbon steel and Japanese stainless steel...
Clinch Cutter - Dr.Tail

Clinch Cutter

Introducing our Stainless Steel Clinch Cutter, a versatile tool designed with a clinch cutter on one end and a pritchel on the opposite end. This dual-purpose tool provides convenience and...
Shoe Spreader - Dr.Tail

Shoe Spreader

Introducing our Shoe Spreader, an essential tool for farriers performing shoeing and refits. Featuring short and long arms, it allows for precise application of differential force to the inside web...
Foal Nipper - Dr.Tail

Foal Nipper

Introducing our Foal Nipper, crafted for precision and durability in farrier work. Available in both stainless steel and chrome vanadium variants, it ensures reliability and versatility. With a length of...
5 in One Tool - Dr.Tail

5 in One Tool

Introducing our 5-in-1 Tool, a versatile solution for farrier work. This multifunctional tool combines a hammer, clincher, nail puller, cutter, hoof pick, and nail ringer, all in one. With a...