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Chiesal set of 4 with packing - Dr.Tail

Chiesal set of 4 with packing

Implant Ridge Split Bone Chisel Set
PDL Elevator with Cassete - Dr.Tail

PDL Elevator with Cassete

Preserve bone and reduce trauma with PDL root Elevators. Ideal during surgery or when preparing for implants the elevators are specially designed for cutting the PDL and elevator Small roots...
Composite Set of 6 with Cassete - Dr.Tail

Composite Set of 6 with Cassete

The dental composite filling instruments kit containing 6 pieces designed to meet all the requirements of the general dentist who is going to restore a tooth with composite or glass...
Dental Forceps Set of 3 - Dr.Tail

Dental Forceps Set of 3

Used for removing tooth splinters and roots from an extracted tooth socket. Overall 7” long by ¾” wide jaw which is offset by 5/8”. Used for removing incisor and 2nd...
Fillies Stirrup - Dr.Tail

Fillies Stirrup

$26.99 – $38.99
 Fillis Stirrups are made with a lost wax method of casting that gives them a smooth finish. High-quality stainless steel with black rubber pads. Also comes in lightweight-polished plastic.  Size=12cm...
Jinn Stirrups - Dr.Tail

Jinn Stirrups

Extremely Light Weight, Providing Knee Joint Relief, And The Wide Footpad Distributes The Rider's Weight Over a Greater Surface Area, Increasing Circulation To The Toes. Size=12cm Available in many different...
Flexi Stirrups - Dr.Tail

Flexi Stirrups

 Features flexible side arms to help with the riding position and giving leg aids to the horse. Size=12cm High-Quality Stainless Steel with Black Rubber Pads
Peacock Stirrups - Dr.Tail

Peacock Stirrups

Designed so the footpad will flex downward so your ride is comfortable.   There is a rubber band on the outer side of the stirrup designed to give way and allow your foot...
Arena Polo Balls - Dr.Tail

Arena Polo Balls

Performs excellently under inclement weather Light weight, well-balanced, and easy to hit.
Polo Pro Knee Pads - Dr.Tail

Polo Pro Knee Pads

Adult 3 strap closing and extra padding from inside. 100% Cowhide leather  These straps make for convenient fastening for the marathon-chukka polo player Super Durable Top of the line quality 
Mini Mallets - Dr.Tail

Mini Mallets

Miniature mallets • Solid black tips • All parts of the mallet are proportionally smaller than the “life-sized” mallets: handle, grip, sling, head, pommel, etc Great for kids Sturdy and Great...
Saddle Pad - Dr.Tail

Saddle Pad

Practical all-purpose saddle pad and matching ear net set Thin padding Quick-dry lining One side crystal accent piping Great shape Excellent Fit Value priced Hook-and-loop fasteners and girth strap Elastic...