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Hoof Knife Double - Dr.Tail

Hoof Knife Double

Hoof Knife with small curl, double edge. Blade 5/8″W x 23/4″L.
Hoof Knife Right - Dr.Tail

Hoof Knife Right

High-quality Swiss-made instrument with small curl, right curve narrow 3/8″ blade. 2 1/2″ L.
Hoof Knife Double Straight blade - Dr.Tail

Hoof Knife Double Straight blade

-Removes excess sole and trims the frog-New stainless steel blade maintains sharp edge for clean, fast cuts -Hardwood handle-Comfortable grip
Hoof Knife Set - Dr.Tail

Hoof Knife Set

Medical Tools Hoof Knife set comprises of six interchangeable blades including left and right-handed blades; made of tempered stainless steel and snap securely in to the rugged wood and steel...
Hoof Knife Loop - Dr.Tail

Hoof Knife Loop

The cutting blade is on the entire edge of the loop. Can be used on either side of the blade and on the end for cutting out a smaller area....
Hoof Knife Left - Dr.Tail

Hoof Knife Left

High-quality Swiss-made instrument with small curl, Left curve narrow 3/8″ blade. 2 1/2″ L.
Hoof Trimmer - Dr.Tail

Hoof Trimmer

The Heavy-Duty Hoof Trimmer is used for trimming overgrown or cracked hooves on cattle and horses. It has 25" inch hardwood handles plus a 5" drop forged cutting head for...
Hoof Nipper - Dr.Tail
12"12" with hook12" Half Round14"15"15" with springs

Hoof Nipper

Medical Tools Hoof Nippers are made from high grade steel to provide correct cutting edge. Blades are aligned and sharpened by hand for accurate trimming and longer blade life
Hoof Rasps - Dr.Tail

Hoof Rasps

Description 14” hoof rasp  / 14” Plus+ hoof rasp Dimensions 14” 430 (including handle) x 44 x 7 mm  / 14” Plus+ 430 (including handle) x 60 x 7 mm...
X-large Bite Plate - Dr.Tail

X-large Bite Plate

These bite plates provide extra room for incisors to rest and reduce the risk of slipping off the plate due to their semi-circle shape. The extra wide arms keep the...
Gum Plates - Dr.Tail

Gum Plates

Incisor bite plates for horses-700x700
Wolf tooth Elevator Set of 6 - Dr.Tail

Wolf tooth Elevator Set of 6

This attractive professional-looking kit has six different instruments to help elevate any size of wolf tooth. Different elevators: – 5mm sharp concave point with the rounded backside, 6″ length –...