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Reimer’s Emasculator (DRTCI6) - Dr.Tail

Reimer’s Emasculator (DRTCI6)

Introducing Reimer’s Emasculator from DrTail, meticulously designed to enhance veterinary procedures. With a separate cutting lever, this emasculator ensures precise action, allowing extra time for crushing and eliminating post-procedure bleeding....
Serra’s Emasculator (DRTCI5) - Dr.Tail

Serra’s Emasculator (DRTCI5)

Introducing Serra’s Emasculator with Ratchet, a newly designed instrument crafted for precise castration procedures. Its innovative design prevents cord slippage and minimizes hemorrhage, while the ratchet securely locks the emasculator...
Haussman’s Emasculator (DRTCI10) - Dr.Tail

Haussman’s Emasculator (DRTCI10)

$50.00 – $60.00
Introducing Haussman’s Emasculator from DrTail: engineered to prevent primary and secondary hemorrhage with its double crush feature, ensuring thorough spermatic cord and artery crushing. Available in stainless steel and sizes...
Castrating Band Applicator (DRTCI9) - Dr.Tail

Castrating Band Applicator (DRTCI9)

Introducing our Stainless Steel Castrating Band Applicator from DrTail: featuring a tapered nose to prevent dirt build-up and ensure hygiene. Its roller ensures smooth operation for efficient application. With a...
Sand’s Emasculator (DRTCI7) - Dr.Tail

Sand’s Emasculator (DRTCI7)

Introducing Sand’s Emasculator from DrTail: a precision instrument for veterinary procedures. Its design prevents cord slipping, minimizing risks, while the ratchet ensures secure forceps locking, reducing hemorrhage. Crafted from stainless...
Serra’s Emasculator (DRTCI4) - Dr.Tail

Serra’s Emasculator (DRTCI4)

Introducing Serra’s Curved Emasculator, crafted for precision and excellence in equine procedures. Ideal for one-hand use, its concave cutting plate draws the cord into the jaws, preventing slipping. Made from...
Serra’s Emasculator (DRTCI3) - Dr.Tail

Serra’s Emasculator (DRTCI3)

Introducing Serra’s Curved Emasculator with Ratchet, designed for efficient one-handed use during castration procedures. Featuring curved nonslip grips and a positive crush mechanism, it ensures precise control and comfort. Crafted...
Emasculatome 19” Castrator (DRTCI2) - Dr.Tail

Emasculatome 19” Castrator (DRTCI2)

Introducing our 19" Emasculatome Castrator, ideal for efficient castration in larger animals. Designed to keep the scrotum intact while pulverizing the spermatic cord, it ensures a humane process. Available with...
Emasculatome 9” Castrator (DRTCI1) - Dr.Tail

Emasculatome 9” Castrator (DRTCI1)

Introducing our 9" Emasculatome Castrator, designed for humane and bloodless castration of lambs. This precision instrument severs the testicular cord without harming the scrotum, ensuring animal welfare. It's also available...