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Farrowing Snare - Dr.Tail

Farrowing Snare

Introducing our Farrowing Snare, a specialized tool for assisting with piglet delivery during farrowing. Its shaped end allows for precise direction of the piglet's head after the cable is positioned...
Swine Cable OB Snare - Dr.Tail

Swine Cable OB Snare

Introducing our Swine Cable OB Snare from DrTail: a durable obstetrical snare made from aircraft cable, ideal for swine deliveries and suitable for smaller animals. With an overall length of...
Paralyser Aluminum Handle - Dr.Tail

Paralyser Aluminum Handle

Introducing the Paralyser from DrTail: a specialized tool designed for precise and humane restraint in veterinary procedures. Featuring an aluminum handle with a loop of aircraft cable, this tool ensures...
Sutter OB Handle - Dr.Tail

Sutter OB Handle

Introducing the Sutter OB Handle from DrTail: a vital tool designed for assisting in obstetrical procedures. With a knurled, non-slip grip, this handle ensures secure and comfortable handling during operations....
OB Chain - Dr.Tail

OB Chain

Introducing our OB Chain from DrTail: an essential tool for assisting in the delivery of calves during obstetrical procedures. With a length of 50 inches, this chain provides ample reach...
Ostertag’s Eye Hook Blunt - Dr.Tail

Ostertag’s Eye Hook Blunt

Introducing Ostertag’s Eye Hook from DrTail: a blunt, stainless steel instrument essential for ophthalmic procedures. With a length of 2 inches, it features a hole diameter of 5/8" and a...
Krey Hook - Dr.Tail

Krey Hook

Introducing the Krey Hook from DrTail: a double-action OB hook designed for veterinary obstetrics. Crafted from stainless steel, it measures 8 inches in length. With its double-action mechanism, this hook...