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5 in One Tool - Dr.Tail

5 in One Tool

Introducing our 5-in-1 Tool, a versatile solution for farrier work. This multifunctional tool combines a hammer, clincher, nail puller, cutter, hoof pick, and nail ringer, all in one. With a...
Adjustable Hoof Tester

Adjustable Hoof Tester

Introducing our Adjustable Hoof Tester, equipped with sliding jaws for accommodating various hoof sizes. Measuring 14.75” in length, this tool offers versatility and precision in farrier work. Trust our Adjustable...
Arena Polo Balls - Dr.Tail

Arena Polo Balls

Performs excellently under inclement weather Light weight, well-balanced, and easy to hit.
Balling Gun (DRTBG4) - Dr.Tail

Balling Gun (DRTBG4)

Introducing our Balling Gun, an essential tool for administering medications to cattle and horses. Featuring a 5-inch metal head, this gun ensures precise and efficient medication delivery. Crafted from durable...
Basic Burgess Set


Premium Stainless Steel and nonslippery ergonomic Teflon handle Elevator kit for extraction of equine teeth and wolf teeth extraction. Comes with four different replacement 'V' shaped heads that partially surrounds...


Includes 1 Adson 1/2 Teeth 12.5cm 5" Dissecting Forceps Includes 1 Olsen Hegar Needle Holder 14cm 5.5" Includes 1 Mayo Scissors 14cm 5.5" str Includes 1 Box with Lid 200mm...
Bite Plates

Bite Plates

Introducing our Bite Plates in XL size, meticulously designed with large surface tooth plates to ensure comprehensive coverage during equine dental procedures. Crafted for optimal comfort and effectiveness, these bite...
Bloat Trocar - Dr.Tail

Bloat Trocar

Introducing our Bloat Trocar for veterinary gas relief, with a sharp point and round irrigating cannula. Includes stainless steel cannula and cap. Available in 6" and 5" lengths for versatile...
Bone Cutting Forceps (DRTBS12& DRTBS13) - Dr.Tail

Bone Cutting Forceps (DRTBS12& DRTBS13)

Introducing our Stille-Liston Bone Cutting Forceps, essential veterinary orthopedic instruments for bone manipulation and cutting. Available with a curved blade option, these forceps offer versatility in surgical procedures. With lengths...
Bone Cutting Forceps (DRTBS14) - Dr.Tail

Bone Cutting Forceps (DRTBS14)

Introducing our Stille-Liston Angled Bone Cutting Forceps, designed for enhanced access to bones during surgery. With angled blades, they ensure efficient reach while keeping the handle at a comfortable angle...
Bone Holding Forceps (DRTBS15) - Dr.Tail

Bone Holding Forceps (DRTBS15)

Introducing our Self-Centering Bone Holding Forceps, vital for holding and stabilizing bones during surgery. With a self-centering design, they ensure accurate positioning for optimal surgical outcomes. Available in sizes 5.75”,...
Bone Holding Forceps (DRTBS16) - Dr.Tail

Bone Holding Forceps (DRTBS16)

Introducing our Verbruge Bone Holding Forceps, essential for holding, positioning, and repositioning bones during surgery. Crafted from stainless steel, these forceps ensure durability and reliability in surgical procedures. Available in...