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Hoof Trimmer - Dr.Tail

Hoof Trimmer

The Heavy-Duty Hoof Trimmer is used for trimming overgrown or cracked hooves on cattle and horses. It has 25" inch hardwood handles plus a 5" drop forged cutting head for...
Magnetic Speculum Light - Dr.Tail

Magnetic Speculum Light

Equine Dental Spec Light For Horse Dentistry Very Useful Light For Examining Horse's Mouth Magnet Fitted For Easy Attachment to your Speculum Bite Plates Rechargeable Battery Our new Equine Dentistry...
Arena Polo Balls - Dr.Tail

Arena Polo Balls

Performs excellently under inclement weather Light weight, well-balanced, and easy to hit.
Loose Ring Bit - Dr.Tail

Loose Ring Bit

This ring snaffle bit is from malleable iron that’s plated in a nickel finish and features a 16.5 cm hinged mouthpiece. Ideally suited as a beginner bit for a young...
Winterton Blades

Winterton Blades

Introducing Winterton Blades, precision-crafted stainless steel instruments designed for veterinary procedures. With a length of 10cm, these blades offer versatility and reliability for various surgical tasks. Trust in Winterton Blades...
Circular Burgess Head- comes in many sizes and can be used with a standard burgess kit


$19.99 – $21.99
Can be used with Standard Burgess Kit Fully Rounded and not V-shaped  Available in multiple different sizes, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm. Great Stainless Steel Quality 
Elevator Sets & Dentistry Table - Dr.Tail

Rodent/Rabbit Dental Table

Rodent/Rabbit Dental Table This special rabbit/rodent table is designed for hands -free dental workon smaller pocket pets and rabbits.The teflon platform tilts to various angles.Two metal posts hold a mouth...
Equine Cheek Retractor


 Designed to gently pull the cheeks away from the cheek teeth so that occlusion can be evaluated on a closed mouth. It is also useful for providing more room when...
Europlex Syringe - Dr.Tail

Europlex Syringe

Introducing the Europlex Syringe, a robust metal gun syringe available in 30ml and 50ml sizes. Designed for precision and durability, it is ideal for administering medications to livestock. For added...
Reimer’s Emasculator (DRTCI6) - Dr.Tail

Reimer’s Emasculator (DRTCI6)

Introducing Reimer’s Emasculator from DrTail, meticulously designed to enhance veterinary procedures. With a separate cutting lever, this emasculator ensures precise action, allowing extra time for crushing and eliminating post-procedure bleeding....
Swiss Hoof Knife

Swiss Hoof Knife

Introducing our Sole Trimming Knife, perfect for cutting and cleaning large areas of the sole in cattle and other large animals. With a polished wooden grip and an overall length...
Serra’s Emasculator (DRTCI5) - Dr.Tail

Serra’s Emasculator (DRTCI5)

Introducing Serra’s Emasculator with Ratchet, a newly designed instrument crafted for precise castration procedures. Its innovative design prevents cord slippage and minimizes hemorrhage, while the ratchet securely locks the emasculator...